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Neymar has become the most valuable football player in history. He is the most successful player of the 20th century. He has won the Champions League, the World Cup, the Olympic gold medal, and the Ballon d’Or.
This year, the player will play for Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions league. He will be able to show his skills to the fans.
The player has a contract with the club for 20 years, and will be paid a salary of about €1 million.
Numerous factors have contributed to the success of the player.
1. Good selection of players
The Brazilian has a good selection of partners. He can choose from the following lines:

The first line of the team is the one that can be called the “core” of the squad. This line includes the leaders of the club, such as:
* Neymar;

The second line is the ‘wing’ of the lineup. The main players of the line include:
1) Mbappé;
2) Mbah;
3) Di Maria;
4) Cavani.
2. Individual skills of the players.
3. The team’s performance in the matches.
4. Great teamwork.
5. Good management of the coach.
6. Successful transfer campaign.
7. Long career of the athlete.
8. Ability to adapt to new conditions.
9. Teamwork.
10. Players’ skills.
11. Skills of the opponents.
12. Timely decisions of the head coach.
2nd line of Neymar’
The coach of the Paris Saint Germain has a great opportunity to choose the best line of players. The team has a lot of matches ahead, so the coach has to choose only the best.
In the past season, the team won the Champion League. The coach has a chance to repeat this success in the next season.

Nadal will be the main rival of the French team in the fight for the title. The Spaniard has a strong game, and it is very important for the team to have a good player in its lineup.
It is also important to choose players who are able to perform at the highest level. This is what the coach of Paris Saintgene does.
All the information on the world of the best football players
In order to have an opportunity to watch the matches of the most popular football teams, you need to have access to the world wide web. This will allow you to have all the information about the teams and players. It will be very interesting to watch matches of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and others.
You can always follow the livescore of the games of the teams. The information about them is updated in real time.
However, the information is not always accurate. It is important to always check the information of the matches and not to miss anything important.
Now, it is easy to follow the results of the livescores of the competitions. You just need to visit the website of sports statistics. The site offers the latest information about matches of all the top football leagues.
Who is the best player of all time?
The list of the top 10 players of all times is impressive. It includes:
· Ronaldo;
● Messi;

The best football player of this century
The top 10 football players of this year are:

* Lionel Messi; “; ”; Ronaldo.
* Messi; “” “ ‘; Cristiano Ronaldo; Zinedine Zidane; Diego Costa; Lionel Messi.
‘” Messi. ’’ „” Zidani. Costa. Messi’.
Zidane. Zidanes. Costa’; Messi Zalaba. Ronaldo Azpilicueta. Aznar.

In this list, the number of stars is increasing. The list of football players is constantly growing. It has become much easier to find the information and learn more about the world’ s most famous players. It is now possible to follow their livescoring on the website.
Football is a game that is loved by millions of people all over the world. It can be played by men and women. The game is a combination of speed and skill.
There are many types of football. Among them, the most famous are:
1). Football with a long distance;
a) ‚; b) c).
There is a wide range of football games. You can choose the most suitable game for yourself.
b) Football in a stadium;
c) Soccer.

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