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The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the main transfer news of the season has been the arrival of Coutinho from Barcelona. The Brazilian has already managed to score a lot of goals for Liverpool, and now the club needs to strengthen the attack.

The club has several options for strengthening the attack, and it is now time to discuss the most interesting ones.
1. Signing Coutinho
The Brazilian is the main player of the club, and he is already a good player. Coutinho is a player who can score goals, and that is why Liverpool needs to sign him. However, the club is not going to pay a lot for him, because the player is already worth a lot.
The cost of signing Coutinho will be about 100 million euros. The club will pay for him not only in the transfer market, but also in the form of a loan. The player will be able to play for the club for a certain period of time, and then the club will buy him back.
However, it is worth noting that Coutinho can be bought for a price of only 100 million. The cost of the player will not be a problem for Liverpool.
2. Vidal is also a good option
The Chilean is another player who is a good addition to the attack of the team. The main thing is that the club has to find a way to get him. The team needs to find the right partner for the player, because he is not the most talented player, but he is a reliable player.
Vidal can be a good partner for Coutinho, but the cost of buying him will be a lot more. The Chilean is worth a minimum of 100 million, and Liverpool can pay a minimum price of 100-150 million.
3. Deulofeu
The Portuguese player is also an option for the team, and if the club wants to strengthen its attack, it can buy him. It is worth mentioning that the cost for buying Deulifeu will not exceed 100 million for the transfer.
All the options of the attack are not the only ones, but they are the most popular ones. The only problem is that they are not enough, and there is still a lot to do.
Main transfer news for the season
The main transfer of the summer was the signing of Couthein. The transfer of Coutheninho was not the best choice for the Liverpool, because Couthenho is a great player, and his transfer will not help the team to become stronger.
Liverpool needs to look for other options, because now the team is not in the best shape, and they need to improve the results.
Another option for strengthening Liverpool is to buy a player from the Spanish championship. This is a very popular league in the world, and many clubs from all over the world are interested in signing a player. The most popular player in the Spanish Championship is Sergio Busquets.
Many people are not aware of this player, who is considered to be the best goalkeeper in the history of the championship. Busquetes is a goalkeeper who is able to save the ball from the opponent, and this is a main advantage of the goalkeeper.
In addition to Busquetees, many other players are also considered to have a good goalkeeper. One of them is Cesar Azpilicueta. Azpilicoeta is a Spanish goalkeeper who has a good game, and can save the goalkeeper’s position.
This is another option for Liverpool to strengthen their attack. The Spanish goalkeeper is worth 100 million dollars, and so is Busqueta.
Team’ s chances of winning the Champions League
The team has a great chance of winning La Liga, because it is a team with a lot players who can play in the attack and defense. This will allow the team not to lose points in matches with other teams.
One of the main problems of the Liverpool is the lack of a good striker. However the team has many players who are able to score goals. The best option for getting a striker is to sign a player of a team from the English Premier League.
A good option for buying a striker for Liverpool is Manchester City. The City has a lot money, and a player like Sergio Aguero can be worth 100-200 million. Aguero is a striker who can help the club to win the Champions league.
There is a lot that the team needs for winning the title, and Aguero will help them to achieve this.
Key transfer news
The transfer of Aguero was a good decision for the City. Aguera is a fantastic player, a player that can score many goals for the squad. The price of the transfer of a player is about 100-250 million. This transfer is a decision that is not a problem, because Aguero has a contract with the club.
It is worth highlighting that Aguero’ has a transfer clause, which means that the player can leave the club at any time. The contract is worth 50 million, which is a large amount for a player, especially a player with such a high price.
If Aguero leaves the club then the price of a new player will increase, and in this case the club would not be able not to buy another player.

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