Can anyone stop Leicester in the Premier League this season?

The current season of the English Premier League has already shown that the competition is very intense. Leicester City is the main contender for the title and it is a real pleasure to watch the team play. However, it is not the only contender for gold medals. The main contenders are: * Liverpool; * Manchester City; * Tottenham; * Chelsea. […]

Why Liverpool need to buy a new defender in January!

The start of the new season has already brought a lot of surprises, and the Reds have been the main winners of them. The main losers are the fans, who are disappointed with the lack of progress in the transfer market. However, the main losers of the season so far are the main competitors of Liverpool. The team’s form has […]

Who is the best goalkeeper in the Premier League?

The Premier League is a tournament that is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the world. This year, the competition has become even more intense, and the number of participants has increased significantly. This is especially true for the English Premier League, which has become the main favorite of the season. This is due to the fact […]

Why did Liverpool sell Raheem Sterling to Manchester City?

The transfer of Rahees to Manchester city cost the club around Β£40 million. The transfer was a good decision, because it will allow the club to strengthen its lineup. Liverpool is a team that needs to be strengthened in all aspects. The Reds have already managed to win the Champions League for the second time in a row. This season, […]

Who will win the UEFA Champions League Final 2015/16?

The UEFA Champions league final is held every year. It is a great opportunity to watch the best football players of the world together with their fans. The season 2015/2016 was not so successful for the teams, but it is still possible to count on a lot of victories. The main contenders for the victory of the tournament are: * […]

Who will win the Bundesliga 2015-16?

The first round of the German championship was held and it was obvious that the struggle for gold medals will continue. The main contenders for the title are: * Borussia Dortmund; * Bayern; β€’ Schalke. The last time the Borussia was in the final of the championship was back in the summer of 2013. The team had a very successful […]

Who will win the Serie A 2015-16?

The first round of the Italian championship was quite interesting. The main surprise of the first rounds was the fact that Juventus won the title. The Bianco-Neri were not able to defend their title, and the club was defeated by Napoli. The second round of Serie A started with the victory of Milan. The team was led by the charismatic […]

Who will be champions of La Liga 2015/2016?

The Spanish championship has been a favourite of the last few years. In the past few years, Real Madrid and Barcelona have dominated the tournament. The last time the teams were so strong was in the early 1990s. In the new season, the teams will have to fight for the title once again. This time, the main contenders for victory […]