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The summer transfer campaign has come to an end, and the results of the last rounds are already clear. The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of Granit Xhaka. The German goalkeeper was a good choice for the club, as he is a good goalkeeper and a good defender, who can be used in various positions.
The main transfer that can be called a failure of the club was the transfer of Lo Celso. The Portuguese defender cost the club a lot, but he was a very good player. The club did not get any good results from him, and he was not able to become a good substitute for the main goalkeeper.
Also, the club did well in the transfer market, and it got a good player from the Spanish club Atletico. The player is the goalkeeper of the Spanish national team, and his name is Diego Simeone. The Spanish coach decided to buy the goalkeeper for the price of €6 million.

The club is still in the middle of the championship, and there is a lot of work to be done. The team needs to strengthen the defense, and Simeon is a great option for this. The goalkeeper is a very important player for the team, as the club has a very bad defense, which is one of the main reasons for the fact that the team has not won any trophies in the last few years.
Where can the club expect to improve its results?
The team has a good lineup, and many players can be considered as leaders. The problem is that the club does not have a good coach. The previous managers were not able, or did not manage to improve the results.
In the last season, the team was in a crisis, and all the leaders were injured or did their best not to be injured. This is the main reason for the poor results. The new coach is a Spaniard, Julen Lopetegui, who managed to get the team to the Champions League zone, and this is a really good result.
However, the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are not ready to work, and they are not able take part in the matches that are important for the results, as well as the Champions Cup.
This is why the club is in the Champions league zone, but it is not able win any trophies.
Will the team be able to improve their results? The club is not in a position to do this, as it needs to improve not only the results but also the motivation of the players.
Main transfers of the season
The transfer market has come down to the final stage, and a lot can be expected from the clubs.
Arsenal has a number of good transfers, as Wenger managed to make a number changes in the team. The most important of them are:
1. Acquisition of Sokratis from Manchester United. The Greek goalkeeper is an excellent option for the Gunners, as his price is very low. The cost of the player is around €5 million. The fact that he is an option for such a low price is a real plus for the player.
2. Sokratislav. The young goalkeeper is also an excellent choice for Arsenal, as there is no competition for him. The price of the goalkeeper is around $7 million. He is a young player, who is already able to play in the first team.
3. The acquisition of Lukas Podolski from Chelsea. The Polish goalkeeper is another option for Arsenal. The transfer cost the Gunner is around the same price as Sokratisa.
4. Acquisition by the club of Lukan Ibrahim. The Nigerian goalkeeper is able to replace the goalkeeper who is injured. The fee is about $6 million, which means that the player cost the team about $8 million. This cost is a little bit higher than Sokratiss, but the player has a lot to prove.
5. Transfer of the young defender from Liverpool. The newcomer is a promising player, and if he is able, he will be able replace the injured Sead Kolasinac. The Liverpool defender cost about the same as Sokrati.
6. In the transfer window, the Gunns also got a lot from the sale of the defender, which cost about $3 million. It is a player who is able of playing in the defensive line, as Sokri is not a good option for him in the defense.
7. Another good transfer of Arsenal is the acquisition by the team of the midfielder, who cost about €2 million. His name is Aaron Ramsey.
8. Arsenal also got some good options for the transfer, as they got the young player of Liverpool, the goalkeeper from Manchester City, and also the young midfielder, from Manchester united.
It is clear that the Gunnies are in a good shape, and we can expect to see a lot more transfers in the near future.
How to follow the results?
It can be said that the transfer campaign is over, and now the main task of the Gunni players is to win the Champions cup. The season is not over yet, and everything can change in the next matches.

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