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The season 2018/19 is in full swing and the Premier League is one of the most interesting tournaments in the world. The competition is very intense, and the main intrigue is the fight for the champion title.

The list of the best players of the season is really long, and it is difficult to choose only the best. This is why we have decided to compile a list of top-rated players.
The main goal of the fans is to find the most entertaining and interesting players, who can make a real impact on the results of their teams.
You can always find the information about the results and statistics of the matches on our website.
Main Favorites of the Season
The Premier League of England is one the most intense tournaments in all of the world, and there are only a few rounds left until the end of the championship.
This season, the main favorites of the fight are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
All the teams have a lot of stars in their lineups. The main favorites are:

* Liverpool;
– Manchester City.
They are the leaders of the English Premier League for many years now. The team has a great squad, which is able to perform at the highest level.
It is the main contender for the title, and we can expect a lot from the team.
Liverpool is the leader of the EPL for a long time now. They have a great lineup, which can surprise the fans with its performance.
In the last season, Liverpool was able to win the championโ€™s title for the second time in a row. The Reds are a real team, which has a lot to show for its performance in the championship and in the long tournament distance.
However, the team is not without problems. The players of Liverpool are not always able to play at their maximum, and this affects the results.
Also, the club is not always at the top of the standings. This fact is another reason why the team should be considered as the main favorite of the tournament.
Manchester City is another team that is able not only to surprise the football fans with the results, but also to win gold medals.
Despite the fact that the team has not won the champion’s title for a couple of years now, it is able still to show its best game.
Such a lineup is able, at the same time, to perform well in the Premier league and in international tournaments.
Chelsea is another strong team that can give the fans a lot. The Blues have a good lineup, and they are able to show their best game even in the most difficult situations.
Arsenal is a team that has been around for a very long time. It is the team that always demonstrates its best performance, and its results are always good.
Many fans are not satisfied with the performance of the team, but the management of the club has always shown a lot and is able show a lot more.
What to Expect from the Champions League
The Champions League is another tournament that is very interesting for football fans. The tournament is very important for the progress of the teams, because it is the chance to win a place in the next stage of the European football championship. The top teams of the Champions league play in a round-robin tournament, which means that each team plays against the other once.
Of course, the top teams have the best chances of winning the tournament, but there are also other teams that can play a key role in the fight to the champion.
Among the favorites of this tournament, we can highlight:
1. Liverpool; 2. Manchester City, who are the main contenders for the gold medals; 3. Chelsea; 4. Barcelona; 5. Dortmund; 6. Real Madrid; 7. PSG; 8. Bayern Munich.
Each of the clubs has a good roster, which allows them to perform in the Champions tournament. However, the most important thing for the clubs is the results in the domestic championship. This season, many teams have not been able to demonstrate their best games.
There are only two rounds left, so we will see if the clubs will be able to continue their good form, or if they will have to play in the Europa League.
Who Will Win the Title in the Next Season?
The teams that are able play in all the tournaments are the favorites in the current season. However there are many teams that have a chance to become the main leaders of this season.
These are:
* Barcelona;
– Chelsea; – Liverpool; 9. Arsenal; 10. Juventus; 11. Tottenham Hotspur; 12. Paris Saint-Germain; 13. Borussia Dortmund; 14. Roma; 15. Napoli; 16. Sevilla; 17. Valencia; 18. Atletico Madrid.
Barcelona is a club that has always been able not to lose points in the tournament distance, and has been able in the past to win all the trophies. The Catalans are a team of stars, who have a high level of teamwork.
As for the current Champions League, the Catalans have the opportunity to show themselves in the best way possible.

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