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The new season of the Champions League promises to be a real test for the Spanish clubs. The main intrigue is the struggle for the first place in the standings, which will be decided by the performance of the teams in the domestic arena.
The Champions League is the most popular club tournament in the world. It is not surprising that the previous season, the main contenders for the title were Barcelona and Bayern. However, the Catalans have a lot of advantages over the Bavarians:
1. The experience of the leaders. In previous seasons, the club was able to count on the help of its stars, who were able to show their maximum in the tournament. This year, the situation is different, because the leaders of the team have already won the European Cup.
2. Individual skills of the players. The new season is especially important for the players of the first team, because they have to prove their skills in the international arena. This is especially true for the leaders, who have to show that they can play in the best teams.
3. The motivation of the fans. This season, they are expecting a lot from the Catalonians, who are ready to fight for the coveted title.
All of these factors will make the fight for gold medals in the Champions league extremely interesting.

The best players of each of the main European championships
The current season of La Liga is very interesting. The teams from Spain and England are competing for the champion title, but the fight is not over yet. The most interesting confrontation is the fight between Real Madrid and Barcelona.
In the current season, both teams have a good chance of winning the title. However the main intrigue of the season is the performance in the Spanish Cup. The Catalans are the favorites of the tournament, but they have a serious problem: they have not won the Spanish championship for a long time.
At the moment, the team is in the middle of the standings. However it is not easy to catch up with the leaders and win the championship.
What is the main advantage of the Catalons over the rivals?
The main advantage that Real Madrid has over the Catalan rivals is the experience of its leaders. The team has won the Champions Cup and the Spanish Super Cup several times. Moreover, it has a good understanding with the Catalonian players, who know their capabilities.
This is the reason that the team has a chance to win the title, even though it is far from the leaders in the current La Liga standings.
Who will win the Champions trophy in the future?
It is difficult to say who will win this trophy. The current season was a real struggle for gold, and the Catalones are the main favorites of this fight. However there are also other teams that can compete with them:
· Madrid;
· Barcelona;
· ​​Real Sociedad.
It will be really interesting to watch the future matches of the confrontation between the Catalanes and the outsiders.
Will the Catalane team be able to win gold medals again?
In recent years, the Madrid team has been gradually losing its leading position in the La Liga table. However this year, it is still the main contender for the trophy.
However, the current results of the club are not a good sign. The players are tired of playing in the top-4, and they are not able to perform at their maximum.
If the Catalines want to win back the title and win gold, they have no other option than to change the current situation. The leaders of Real Madrid have to change their attitude and improve their results.
They have to stop losing points and start performing at their best. The fans of the Madrid club are waiting for the results of this confrontation.
How will the Champions cup final be remembered?
This season, there will be a lot to remember. The fight for a place in next year’s Champions Cup final will be remembered by millions of fans.
There are two main contenders in the fight:
• Barcelona; and
• ​​Madrid.
Both teams have good chances of winning gold medals. However they have different reasons for this.
Barcelona has a lot more motivation than Madrid. The club has won many trophies, and it is ready to do its best in the face of the enemy.
Madrid, on the other hand, has a long break from the Champions’ cup. The season is long, and there is a lot that needs to be done. The first matches of this season have shown that the players are not ready to play at their peak.
Real Madrid is the team that will be able not only to win a place at the final stage of the competition, but also to take gold medals, because it has the right to do this. The Champions Cup is a real competition, and only the best players will be allowed to take part in it.
Which team will win gold?
There is a very good chance that the Madrid and the Barcelona teams will fight for this trophy, because both teams are the best in their respective championships.
Despite this, the fight will be very interesting, because there are a lot less chances of the clubs winning gold. The Madrid team is the favorite of the fight, but it has serious problems.
First of all, the leaders are tired.

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