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Barcelona is one of the most popular teams in the world. It has won many trophies, including the Champions League, the Copa del Rey, the Super Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup, and many more.
However, the team is in a crisis. The team has been in such a state for a long time that many fans consider it to be the worst team in the history of the sport.
The current season is especially difficult for the club. The players are tired of playing for the team that has such a low level of performance. The main problem of the team now is the lack of motivation.
Many players are unhappy with the coach, as well as the way the team plays. This is another reason for the lack motivation of the players.
In the current season, the players of the club have a lot of problems. The most serious problem is the fact that the team does not have a good goalkeeper. This problem has already been mentioned by many fans.

The team also does not play at the level it deserves. The club has a lot to improve, but it is not clear how.
Will the team be able to compete with the leaders of the Spanish La Liga, Real Madrid?
The main competitor of Barcelona in the Spanish championship is Real Madrid. The teams have a long history of rivalry, and the current campaign is especially tense.
Real Madrid has a number of problems that are not very pleasant for the fans. The following factors can be seen as the main reasons for the current situation:
1. Lack of motivation of players. Many of the leaders are unhappy at the club and do not show their best game.
2. Lackadaisical coaching. The current coach, Zinedine Zidane, has been at the helm for only a few years, and he has not yet managed to get the team to the level of Real Madrid or Barcelona.
3. Unstable lineup. The list of players that can be called a weakness of the current team includes:
* Keylor Navas;
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Sergio Ramos;
3 goals.
This list can go on and on.
It is clear that the current performance of the squad is not very good. Many fans consider the current level of the Real Madrid team to be very high.
What are the main prospects of the Catalans for the future?
Barça has a long way to go. The Catalans have a number and variety of problems, but the main problem is that the club does not show the best results.
Despite the fact, that the players have a great number of opportunities to improve their level of play, many of them do not take advantage of them.
There are a lot more matches ahead, and it is quite possible that the Catalan team will not be able yet to show its maximum.
Who will win the next season of the Champions?
In this season, many teams have already managed to win the Champions. However, it is impossible to predict who will win this trophy.
Barclays has already won the most trophies, and this is not surprising, because the team has a great lineup.
As for the Catalonians, the main question is whether they will be able at the end of the season to win gold medals again.
Main rivals of the Catalan team in this season are:
• Real Madrid;
• Juventus;
· Barcelona.
Fans of the teams can expect a tense and exciting match. This will be another chance to see the best players in the field.
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Latest results of the football matches
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How to follow the results on the internet?
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