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The Spaniard has been a mainstay of the Old Trafford team since the start of the season. He was the main player of the team in the Champions League and the Europa League. He also played in the English Premier League.
However, the Portuguese club did not make any transfer, which made the situation even worse.
The previous season, the team of Herrera was very unsuccessful. The team lost to Chelsea in the final of the Champions Cup, and the following season the team was not able to get into the Europa league.

However the Portuguese team managed to win the Trophée des Champions. The previous season the Portuguese won the tournament, but this time the team managed not to lose the final.
This is the reason why Ander has decided to join the PSG. The club is considered to be one of the main contenders for the champion title.
Who will be the main rival of the Parisians?
The main rivals of the PS G are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea.
In the English championship, the Parisian club has a good chance to win. The main reason for this is the following:
1. Great selection of players in the lineup.
2. Good teamwork.
3. Excellent teamwork in the Europa Cup.
All of these factors will help the team to win gold medals.
What are the main advantages of joining PSG and why should you choose it?
In order to understand the advantages of Ander’s decision, it is important to understand what he has to offer the team.
1- Excellent form.
Ander is a player who always has a positive effect on the results of the club. He has a great influence on the game of the entire team. He is able to make the most of his opportunities and show the maximum.
You can always follow his performance on the website of sports statistics.
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How to follow Ander’s performance?
It has become much easier to follow his results. It has become very convenient to follow football results on this website.
There are many advantages of using the service of sports analysts. The most important are:
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Thanks to this, you will always be aware of the latest changes in the football world.
Football results on a reliable resource
The English Premier league is the most popular championship in the world. It attracts millions of fans from all over the world, and each match is a real event.
Every year, the EPL has a lot more interesting matches, and this is what makes it so popular. The English Premier club championship is one of its main competitions.
Among the most interesting matches of this championship, you may also want to note the following ones:
• The match between Manchester United and Arsenal. The game ended with a score of 4:0.
• The match of Manchester United against Chelsea. The final score was 4:1.
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Main rivals of PSG
The Parisians are considered to have a good chances of winning the champion’ title. This is due to the following factors:
· Great selection in the team;

· Excellent teamwork.
The team of Thomas Tuchel is very well organized and has a high level of motivation. This allows the team not to give up and to fight until the last second.
Tuchel has a very good squad, and he has managed to strengthen it. The players of the French team have a great potential. It can be seen in their form. The following players of Tuchel’ squad are considered the main favorites of the championship:
● Lo Celso;

● Griezmann;
● Pogba;
It’ s important to note that the team has a balanced lineup, which allows it to play in the most difficult matches.
Another reason for the Paris club’ success is the great teamwork. This has a direct effect on results.

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