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The transfer window is now open, and we can see the latest news from the world of football. This year, the transfer market is flooded with new players, and a lot of them are extremely expensive.

The most expensive transfer of all times is the acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus by Real Madrid. The Portuguese forward cost the club more than 100 million euros, but the club managed to get him for less than 30 million.
The Portuguese star scored more than 30 goals for the club, and he has already become one of the most popular football players in the world.
What is the main reason for the transfer of Cristy?
The main reason is the desire of Real to get rid of the burden of the financial crisis. The club needs to spend money to strengthen the team, and the transfer will allow the club to make some profit.
However, the Portuguese player is not the only transfer that has been made this year. The following transfers are worth highlighting:
* Mohamed Salah from Liverpool;
* Ederson from Barcelona;
* Fabio Cannavaro from Manchester United.
All these transfers will help the clubs to strengthen their positions in the domestic and international arenas.
Who is the most likely to leave Real Madrid?
In the summer, Real Madrid has a lot to prove. The team needs to show that it is able to compete for the title in the long run. The main goal of the club is to finish in the top 4, and it is clear that this will be extremely difficult.
In order to achieve this, the team needs a lot from its players, so the transfer window has come and the main thing is to make the most of it.
Will the team be able to get a good result in the Champions League?
Of course, Real will be able not only to finish at the top of the standings, but also to qualify for the next stage of the tournament. The Champions League is a tournament that the team has not won for a long time, so it will be very difficult to get into the next round.
This is why the club needs a good start in the tournament, and this is exactly what it has in its favor. The first match of the new season will be held on August 12, and fans can expect a lot.
How to follow the latest results of the team?
Fans can follow the results of Real Madrid on the website of sports statistics. The site offers the latest information from the team’s matches, as well as the livescore section.
It is easy to follow results of any match of Real, and you can also follow the livescores of other teams. The information on the site is updated in real time, which is convenient for fans who want to be always aware of the latest events.
Also, the site offers a convenient mobile version, which allows you to get the latest data from the field.
Where can fans find the most interesting livescore?
Real Madrid is the team that has the most livescore in the Spanish championship. The fans can find the livesore of the main rivals of the Spanish team on the sports statistics website.
Among the most exciting matches of the season, fans can also find the following matches:
1. Match against Barcelona. The Catalans have a very good lineup, and they are very confident in every match. The home match of Madrid is always a real treat for fans, and many of them want to see the team’s performance in front of their eyes.
2. Match with Valencia. The Meringues have a good lineup and are able to make a real fight for the victory.
3. Match of Atletico. The players of the Galactico are very motivated and want to win the match.
4. Match between Sevilla and Valencia.
5. Match in the Europa League. The Sevilla players are very strong, and if they manage to win, they will definitely be able win the tournament and will be considered as the main favorites of the competition.
6. Match Bayern against Borussia Dortmund.
7. Match Liverpool against Manchester City.
8. Match Juventus against Inter.
9. Match Valencia against Sevilla.
10. Match Real Madrid against Barcelona, which will be the last match of this season.
Fans will find the latest livescore of the matches of their favorite teams on the platform.
Which team will win the Champions league?
This season, the main contender for the champion title is Real Madrid, and in the next season, it will definitely not be easy for the team to get to the next level.
Real is not a team that can compete with the teams that have a long bench and a high level of players. The Madrid team is very strong on the international arena, and its players have already won the Champions Cup.
Of the main contenders for the Champions title, the following teams have the best chance of winning it:
· Barcelona;
· Liverpool; and Manchester City
· Chelsea;
· Juventus;
and Real Madrid
The last season, Real was the champion of Spain, and now the team is trying to win gold medals in the international arenas too. The last time the team won the tournament was in 2000.

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