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The following are the reasons why Barcelona sold César Azpilicueta:

1. Lack of motivation. Azpiticueta was a player who was one of the main stars of the team. However, he was not able to show his maximum. The team needs to be more focused in order to achieve the desired result.
2. Lack the right players. The previous season, the team was very weak and it was not possible to find the right partners for the players.
3. Lack experience. Azpi had already played in the national team for a few years, but he still needed time to get used to the team and its style of play.
4. Lack stability. The club needs to make some changes in order not to lose points.
5. Lack motivation. The players are tired of losing points and want to win gold medals.
6. Lack financial resources.

In the current season, Barcelona has a lot of problems. The main problem is the lack of motivation, which is reflected in the fact that the team does not perform well.
However, the club has a great opportunity to rectify the situation. It has a good chance to get into the Champions League zone. The following factors can help the team achieve this goal:
1) Good form of the leaders. The current season is the best of Azpeticueta’s career. He has already scored a lot, which has helped the team to win the Europa League.
The team needs a good start in the Champions league. The leaders are very tired of the Europa league and want a good result. Azpueta is a good player, who can help his team achieve the goal.

2) Good teamwork. The coach has already used this tactic in the past. The fact that he has already managed to achieve this is a great sign.
It is also important to have a good bench. The Barcelona players are very motivated and want the team not to give up.
Thus, the current campaign will be very difficult for the team, but the club can still achieve a lot.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the season is whether Barcelona will be able to win a place in the top-4. The Catalans have a great chance of winning the Champions cup, but they need to win at least one more trophy in order for this to be possible.
In order to do this, the Catalans need to strengthen their bench. This is especially important for the leaders, who are very exhausted.
Barcelona’ players are not used to playing in the Europa or the Champions cups. They need to learn how to play in the international arena. This will help them to get the necessary results.
If the team manages to win one more tournament, it will be a great result for them. However the club needs a lot more from its players. They have a long way to go to achieve their goals, but if the team is motivated, it can achieve great things.
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There are many interesting confrontations in the current football season. The teams are trying to win their places in the European cups.
For Barcelona, it’ll be extremely difficult to win all the cups. The Catalan club has problems with the Champions, but not with the Europa. This may be a good sign for the club.
At the same time, the players are trying not to get tired. They are in a great mood and want their team to achieve a great success.
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How to follow La Liga on fScore
The Spanish championship is one of La Liga’ s main rivals. The struggle for the champion title is very intense. The clubs are fighting for the title of the best team in the country.
As for the Catalonian team, it has a difficult season ahead. It is not in the best shape, and the team needs time to recover. However it is still possible to achieve great results. The fans have a lot to look forward to.
La Liga is a competition of the strongest teams in Europe. The fight for the trophy is very interesting and exciting.

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